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O U R   S T O R Y

In today’s fast paced world we’ve forgotten how to eat proper meals. We scurry around grabbing hamburgers or fried chicken nuggets and wonder why we’re unhealthy. Sarris Cafe can change all of that for you and your family. Sarris Cafe is more than just a restaurant, we’re friendly neighbors who serve delicious homestyle food. Located conveniently in Pelham, AL we’re easy to find.


Sarris Cafe is what some people call a "Meat and Two". We just call it good healthy food served in a cafeteria style environment. We serve a wide selection of healthy meats and perfectly prepared vegetables for well rounded meals. We complete your lunch with a tempting selection of bread and the perfect dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Need a filling lunch to provide the energy for the rest of the day’s work? Sarris Cafe provides our full, filling meals 6 days a week to satisfy your hunger and keep you focused. Bring the family on Sunday for their best meal of the week and keep the kitchen clean.


Maybe you just need a great vegetable plate? Sarris Cafe has a great selection of fresh vegetables for you. They are all prepared with a southern flavor and just enough Greek influence to make them delicious! Bring your business clients or the family to get a great meal today at Sarris Cafe on Highway 31 in Pelham!

From Left to Right Top- George Sarris, Nick Sarris, Vasou Sarris, Manuel Sarris  Bottom - Angelo Sarris, Kosta Sarris
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